Why Katy’s — Support Military

We are exiting the longest war our country has ever engaged in. The short and long term issues are many. For Example: Suicides outpace deaths in combat Dropout rates continue

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Learn How Katy’s Contributes

My OH Mega is more than a cookie!  Not only does it deliver essential needs such as Omega 3, whole grains, and protein while still enjoying flavor profiles that we

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Making A Difference

Takeisha is a student veteran, who is also a single mom of two. Soon after her discharge, she started college with funds from the post 911 GI Bill. Her life

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Driving It Home

Date: May 14, 2013

Katy’s Goodness together with Support Military Foundation are hitting the tracks across America with Hamilton Means Racing!  Currently we are in the “pits” preparing for the tour!  We are excited

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Thank you very much for the wonderful (&healthier) cookies and all of your support…Your project is amazing and it touches so many soldiers.  Thank you…Your are so generous & I know it takes a lot of work, money & time to take on a project like this & your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Christina Kretchman 

 Health and fitness are very important to me; it’s refreshing to eat an indulgent with such great ingredients.

Semper Fi

Lt. Alexandra Causey / Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

My family has truly enjoyed your My OH Mega’s, the kids were very surprised on how much they loved them, “loved it” since most of the time they eat sugary sweets. It is great to know they are getting something better for them for a change.

Kate A./ IL

 My son only eats a few items and I am concerned about getting whole grains and proteins, so I brought home the My OH Mega chocolate chunk since he like chocolate chip cookies. He liked them and now I give him some every night.  I know it is a cookie, but it is definitely better than other snack foods and I feel better about it…thanks.

Tena/ Plano, TX

Hello, my name is Anthony. I am 19 almost 20 and I’m from Omaha, NE.  First off, I’d like to tell you how grateful we all are for all that you have done, currently doing, and will do for all of us… without love and support we couldn’t do our job, we fight for a nation filled with genuine and hospitable people, such as all of you :)  

Anthony S.